The Swinging Johnsons Appear in a Stephen King Novel

It seems we’ve been immortalized in a Stephen King novel, of all places. In Chapter VIII, part 5 of his novel, Lisey’s Story, the band is first mentioned:

Lisey brushed the surface of the photograph with the tips of her fingers, slipping them across the people they’d been back at SCOTT AND LISEY, THE BEGINNING! and found she could even remember the name of the band from Boston (The Swinging Johnsons, pretty funny) and the song to which they had danced in front of their friends: a cover of “Too Late to Turn Back Now,” by Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose.

Then, on the next page, it continues:

At some point the clouds had broken open and the room had been flooded with windy moonlight. In that light she had at last fallen asleep. The next day, a Sunday, they had driven through countryside that was reverting back from winter to fall, and less than a month later they had been dancing to The Swinging Johnsons: “Too Late to Turn Back Now.”

And finally, in Chapter XVI, part 10, King brings us back:

…In her mind she could hear The Swinging Johnsons playing “Too Late to Turn Back Now” and feel Scott’s hand as he led her out onto the floor.

Copyright 2006 Stephen King

Anyway, we’re guessing the horror-meister was at one of the Maine weddings we did over the years, and was nice enough to mention us by name. Thanks, Stephen, and all of our friends and fans who were nice enough to let us know about it.

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