Chris Marsh featured at Fodera Guitars

Chris Marsh was a featured artist on the website of Fodera Guitars, endorsing their base guitars.


Here’s the original blurb about Chris from Fodera’s “Friends of the Family” feature.

As bassist/vocalist for Boston institution The Swinging Johnsons, Chris Marsh has averaged over 200 gigs a year since the band’s inception in 1993. All that work has allowed Chris to amass an enviable collection of Foderas.

I have about ten of them at any given time. There’s nothing I like more than picking up a different model and seeing where it takes me. Each one seems to have its own unique voice. I don’t think I could even begin to pick one as my favorite.

There seems to be a perception out there that only jazz-fusion virtuosos play these basses. Well, you’re never going to see me giving a clinic at a NAMM show. I’m just a journeyman full-time musician who buys and appreciates top-quality gear, and when it comes to basses, that means Fodera. My band my straddle the line between art and commerce, but having the best gear makes it that much easier to get up there 3 to 4 night a week and make that magic happen.